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At “Healing Our Brokenness Ministries” we are passionate in helping

wounded individuals move toward inner healing. 


You cannot live in a broken world without eventually being marred by brokenness on a personal level. Brokenness of every kind has it’s root cause which will need to be addressed if healing is to take place. Anything good once distorted becomes broken Truth distorted-becomes deception Good intentions distorted becomes obsession. Hard working becomes workaholic. Strong leadership becomes controlling. Rest becomes laziness. Excellence becomes perfectionism. Love distorted becomes co-dependency. Moderation becomes dependency.


Have you ever been deeply hurt in your life whether it be loss of a loved one, childhood sexual abuse, abandonment, divorce, physical or emotional abuse, or a broken relationship you need to acknowledge your helplessness and press through the wall. It’s like swimming upstream against the current. You swim frantically for a while and make progress, but then you tire and the current carries you back to where you began. You try again, again and again, but each time you become exhausted and end up being carried back again to where you started from. Does this sound familiar, then follow me and start the healing journey that I discovered. You will be amazed at the possibilities that are ahead of you.

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About Grace Gayle

Grace Gayle is a Chaplain with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, ministering in community settings. She brings thirty years’ experience walking with wounded individuals through their journeys toward healing and wholeness. Grace believes the best medication for broken hearts and depression is meditating on Scriptures of God’s love.

Grace’s greatest passion is in growing ever deeper in her relationship with her Heavenly Father. Time spent in personal worship, prayer, and Bible study is her source of life, love, strength, wisdom and knowledge, which she pours out willingly to anyone who needs encouragement. Her desire is to use what God is teaching her to reach the lost and build up individuals in their own journeys of faith. Her joy is to watch the progress of individuals moving from brokenness to wholeness, and on to leadership in ministry.

Grace is the founder and director of “Healing Our Brokenness Ministries” (2014). Through this umbrella she reaches out to individuals who are struggling with the aftermath of childhood trauma, broken marriages, relational issues, addictions and depression.

Grace has written eleven books on using Scripture in the healing journey. Nine of which are a series designed for Small Group Bible Studies, entitled “Healing Emotional Wounds.” Each book has a workbook at the back for personal healing and group discussions (2017). Grace has used these books in small groups and has witnessed lives being transformed.

Grace’s first book, “From Victim to Victor”, subtitled, A Personal Healing Journey, was published in 2012. In it, Grace tells her own story with transparency and straight forward illustrations of how God used Scripture to bring complete healing to her brokenness. The book is intended to be a road-map by encouraging the reader to follow in her footsteps toward wholeness.

In 2017, Grace published her autobiography, entitled, “The Making of Grace”, in which she again in open honesty, shares the struggles of two broken individuals coming together into a dysfunctional marriage. The reader walks with Grace and her husband, Paul, through the healing of their marriage and other relationships. The book also gives a glimpse at the hurdles that needed to be overcome in publishing Grace’s first book.

Grace is a passionate retreat and conference speaker on issues pertaining to the healing journey, personal growth, reaching your God given potential and in pursuing your dream. Using the Word of God, Grace brings to life Bible characters, as God works out His plan for their lives.

Grace Gayle is married to Paul McMullen, her husband of 42 years and manager of her social media. Together they have raised three children and serve in community ministry.

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Grace is a passionate conference and retreat speaker on issues pertaining to the healing journey, personal growth, reaching your God given potential and in pursuing your dream.


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